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Commercial Cleaning Sales

Commercial Cleaning Sales professionals are faced with an exciting challenge every day. They must spread the word about a company or commercial cleaning service that they have helped to secure large contracts. The next step is to secure the contract and close a deal to pay for all the expenses associated with a commercial cleaning company. Once that is done it is time to close your books and submit financial statements for the bank or accounting firm. It’s a thrilling time! It’s a very exciting time!

Commercial Cleaning Sales

Many businesses have used social media to increase their success in marketing. A social media specialist will help a commercial cleaning business promote the company via social media outlets such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The goal is to build a network of prospects who will share positive comments about your commercial cleaning company/service. The problem is that many social media users ignore advertisements and opt out of social media when it comes to commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Sales

To ensure your sales process is efficient and speedy, you must offer value to your prospects. One way to do that is to offer a free report on topics related to the business you are seeking to recruit. In the commercial cleaning sales lifecycle, this is a critical document.

Commercial Cleaning Sales

To understand how long it will take prospects to reach the finish line, it is important to understand the length and duration of the sales process. The sales process will take longer if a prospect has recently outsourced their cleaning duties. How long does a cleaning job take? It is common to estimate that 20% of cleaning jobs will take for an average sale to cover the cost. Since the majority of contracts are very short, you need to consider how much time your prospects are spending with you.

What is your company’s online standing? Are people actively searching for your commercial cleaning services online? If so you have a long way to travel. You must be constantly on the lookout for how your website ranks in search engines, social media, and other sites. This takes time and energy as you need to track where your website is doing well and where you need more focus. Once you have a clear picture of where you stand, you can start to implement strategies to improve your standing.

  1. Since you now know how long it will take for your commercial cleaning services to be completely paid for, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The first thing you need to ask is whether the prospect is a good fit with your company. If the prospect is not a good fit for your company, it may be worth moving on to pursue another prospect. However, this should not be the final decision.

Set up a meeting with the prospect if they are a good fit. Let the prospect meet with the entire team of sales. You will want to review the discussion and get feedback from the prospect about how they would like to receive commercial cleaners services. Make sure everyone has a chance to say their piece. Then you can close the deal.

These strategies will help you sell commercial cleaning and carpet-cleaning services to anyone. Just make sure to use these tips when conducting a great commercial cleaning services sales pitch. You will increase the number of prospects you receive and have a great closing rate. Good luck!